Our Mission

We are a former elementary school teacher and a professional BMX rider who both share a passion for getting kids active with bikes. We believe that every kid should be able to ride a bike and that it is one of the best ways to stay active. We created Ghuru because we wish something like this was around when we were kids. With the rise of obesity and video game usage amongst children, there needs to be a program that gets kids outside and exited about physicaL fitness. This is why we developed the Bike Sports and Safety P.E Program.

Our Objectives

Making Bike Safety Fun

Physical Fitness

Practical Life Skills

Making Bike Safety Fun

The statistics on bike injuries are alarming. In 2015, 488,123 people were treated in emergency rooms after being injured riding a bicycle. We feel that the current practices of teaching bike safety are outdated. In order to be effective, it must be fun for the kids. There are some programs out there that require kids to read a long textbook on bike safety. This may be a good way to teach adults, but not children. We’ve updated the current method of teaching bike safety into an exciting program. Think of it as bike safety 2.0.

Getting Kids Physically Active

It’s widely agreed upon that riding a bike is one of the best ways to get exercise. It’s a full body workout that combines cardiovascular and strength training. The obesity problem in America is well documented and there seems to be no end in sight. We strongly believe that building interest in riding a bike will help fight the obesity epidemic in this country. We want to make riding a bike FUN for kids so they will WANT to ride in their free time. There are numerous ways to get the heart rate up and we’ve chosen the bicycle as our medium.

Practical Life Skill

The amazing thing about riding a bike is that it is useful at every stage of ones life. It’s a skill set that carries well into adulthood. Regardless of the life path that a child takes, the bike skills learned as a kid will still be useful. Riding a bike can be done almost anywhere at any time. Bike sports such as mountain biking, BMX and road cycling are incredibly popular and are growing each year. Help us get kids off video games and on bikes!