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What is Ghuru?

We created Ghuru because we wish something like this was around when we were kids. As a parent there are not many options for kids who are into non competitive individual sports such as Bmx and skateboarding.

Kids who are not interested in traditional sports such as basketball or track don’t have many options. Unfortunately, many of these kids are turning to video games and other unhealthy activities.

We have 3 primary goals at Ghuru:

Get kids Physically Active. 

  • Almost anything can be used to get kids physically active. We use bikes as a medium to get their heart rates pumping.

Get Kids Social

  • At our biking clinics and after school programs, like-minded kids are able to interact with each other. It is the perfect environment to make new friends!

Get Kids Having Fun

  • There is a certain “cool” factor to Bmx. It is unique and very exciting. Kids love to ride up and down ramps and to learn fun bike tricks.


It’s important to note that we are not in the business of “training” kids to be professional Bmx riders. Our clinics and after school programs appeal to all children and all skill levels.

We give kids a structured way to learn a new hobby. A fun weekend hobby that will get them physically active. Regardless of the career choices these children will make later on in life, riding a bicycle is a skill set that everybody can benefit from.

We can bring biking programs to any city in the U.S but currently we are focusing on Houston, Los Angeles and Kansas City.


Check out the video from one of our monthly Bike/BMX clinics at the skate park.

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