P.E Bike Sports And Safety Program

P.E teacher instructing his students on bike safety.

We are a former elementary school teacher and a professional BMX rider who both share a passion for getting kids active on bikes. We took our extensive knowledge and worked with numerous PE teachers to create an exciting, all-inclusive bike safety and sports program. Our mission is to provide benefit to both the kids and the P.E teacher. Our program is one of a kind, in that we can give back $300-$2000+ to the school’s P.E department.

Our bike safety and sports program is taught during school hours by the P.E teacher. The program emphasizes the cardiovascular and speed elements from BMX racing, the excitement and control from freestyle BMX and the awareness and balance from mountain biking.  

P.E teachers are always looking for unique and fun ways to get kids active. Not only is our program fun, but it meets all the TEKS on bike safety for the state of Texas. BMX and other bike sports are increasing in popularity each year. Our program is the perfect way to get kids excited about physical fitness.

How It Works

Schedule A Date

The First step is to contact us and setup a date for our program. It’s always best to book early since we have limited spaces during the school year.

Receive Your Equipment

We drop off all the equipment (bikes, helmets etc.) and then pick it up at the end of the program. We take care of all the hard stuff!

Teach The Program

Our program is both easy and challenging  enough for every kid to participate and have fun. After the program ends, we send the P.E teacher 10-15% of the total sales!

What’s Included?


Enough BMX bikes with brakes for every kid in the entire class.


All Protective gear. Including bike helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.


Mobile, safe and customized bike ramps.


Liability waiver that protects the schools and all parties involved.


Detailed lesson plans on how to teach the program.


All the special equipment needed to play our biking games.


10-15% of total sales goes back to the P.E teacher!

Artsy photo of a girl in color, riding a bike in a black and white background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your biking program important?

In short, our program is beneficial to kids because:

  • Riding a bike is amazing exercise.
  • It’s a useful skill set that carries into adulthood.
  • Bike safety is essential to protect kids.
  • Bike sports make great hobbies.

Also, our program is beneficial to P.E teachers because:

  • You will be teaching something unique and exciting.
  • We give you a significant amount of money back.
  • The money can be used to fund other passion projects in your classes.

What are the lesson plan like?

Each lesson focuses on a key bike safety concept and a related technique from a popular bike sport.

For example, the “power take off” is one of the most important techniques in BMX racing. A quick and aggressive push off the starting line is crucial. This concept also relates to bike safety. Crossing an intersection must be done quick and aggressive otherwise injury is likely.

The techniques we teach are incredibly simple, which allows every student to participate. For every activity, we provide a “scaled” version. This makes it more challenging for the advanced students.

After teaching the main concepts for the day, the students will spend the rest of class playing a bike game based on those particular skills. We will send you the lesson plans 2 weeks prior to the start date of the program.

Our program is both practical and informative.

Is it difficult to teach?

I am a former elementary school teacher and have consulted numerous other teachers to make the program easy to teach. Each day will focus on a concept from both bike safety and a bike sport.

There are step by step lesson plans and detailed power point slides to make teaching the program easy.

What is cost of your program?

The cost of our program is between $10-20 per student.  The price depends on the number of students and length of the program. For detailed information on price, please contact us and we can discuss your school in more detail.

The money is collected by the teacher/school. The same collection process that schools use for field trips etc. can be used. Most teachers send the students home with a collection form for their parents to complete.

What if some of the children can’t afford it?

We want everyone to be able to participate in our program. For lower income schools, we can either discount the fee for certain students or waive the fee completely. We will find a way to bring our program to your school!

What grade level is your program designed for?

Our primary program is designed for grades 3-8. We modify our lesson plans based on the grade level. The 3rd grade program is significantly easier than the 8th grade program.

By 3rd grade the majority of the children will be able to ride a bike. We provide a few sets of training wheels in the case that a student cannot ride a bike yet.

How long is the program?


Our program is either 2 or 3 days of instruction, which may mean 6 or more days if your P.E classes are on a rotation schedule.

What if some of the students can’t ride a bike at all?

For students who have zero riding ability and can’t ride a bike at all, we provide a handful of pedal-less bikes (also known as balance bikes). The old method of training wheels has fallen out of favor in the cycling community. It is now universally agreed on that pedal-less bikes are the best way to teach a kid how to ride a bike. Training wheels only teach someone how to ride a bike with training wheels. They are very unnatural and don’t carry over to riding a real bike.

Will I have to do maintenance on the bikes?

Absolutely not, we provide a few extra bikes in the case that one malfunctions, so you won’t have to perform any repairs. After every program, we professionally inspect and perform maintenance on all the bikes.

Does the program take place inside or outdoors?

We can do our program in a large parking lot, a concrete slab, on a track or in a short grass field.

Are bike sports dangerous?

Bike sports such as BMX are very safe. They are no more dangerous than any other sport. I even found data from a 2009 study that showed cheer-leading to be more dangerous than freestyle BMX.

We also require every child to wear a helmet,  knee pads and elbow pads.

Space Is Limited!

There are limited days in the school year and our program will get booked  quickly. Click the button to go to our contact page where you can sign up for our program.

A huge thank you to Andy and the other BMX instructors that worked with my son and teaching him basic BMX bike skills! My son loved his first lesson with Andy and so I signed him up for four more lessons. Lesson were on Sunday mornings which was great for a parent who works during the week.

After five weeks I saw my son’s confidence grow and I feel like he can use the skills he was taught and practice on his own. We plan on signing him up again for more lessons.

It is great to see that a company like Ghuru is out there and is committed to helping young kids learn the basic skills of BMX riding. I would highly recommend them!

-Sara S

It’s difficult to find non-competitive, non-team athletic opportunities for kids. The BMX lessons from Ghuru were a great match for our son. We had several different instructors, which was great because each had a different riding style. All of the instructors were great, and our son really enjoyed the lessons. Looking forward to Spring when we can start back up again.

-Jesse N

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