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What is a BMX and biking clinic?

Every month we host a BMX/biking clinic at a local skate park in your area. Our professional riding instructors teach kids about bike safety, etiquette and basic tricks.

First and foremost, our clinics are designed to be fun. Our goal is to get kids physically active. We use bikes and basic BMX tricks/techniques to achieve this. Why bikes? Because every kid has one! Our clinics are a fun environment where kids can get outside, make some friends and maybe learn a trick or two in the process.

This is not an elite clinic for kids who are serious about BMX. Our clinics appeal to every child with a bike. It doesn’t matter if your kid is experienced, inexperienced, boy or girl, our instructors will cater to the child.

Check out the video for an ideal of what are clinics are like.

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Once you find your city, you will be taken to the instructor’s page. If we are currently hosting a clinic in your city, you can sign up on here.


Meet at the designated skate park and start having fun!

Remember when kids use to actually play outside?

Not every child wants to play a traditional sport.

We started Ghuru because there are no options for children to learn alternative sports such as BMX. BMX is now an official Olympic sport and is continuing to grow in popularity every year. BMX is a great way to get your child physically active and around other like minded children.

We host monthly group lessons and our students range in age from 4-14. If you want to get your kids off of video games and get them outside on a bike sign up for one of our clinics today!

A huge thank you to Andy and the other BMX instructors that worked with my son and teaching him basic BMX bike skills! My son loved his first lesson with Andy and so I signed him up for four more lessons. Lesson were on Sunday mornings which was great for a parent who works during the week.

After five weeks I saw my son’s confidence grow and I feel like he can use the skills he was taught and practice on his own. We plan on signing him up again for more lessons.

It is great to see that a company like Ghuru is out there and is committed to helping young kids learn the basic skills of BMX riding. I would highly recommend them!

-Sara S

It’s difficult to find non-competitive, non-team athletic opportunities for kids. The BMX lessons from Ghuru were a great match for our son. We had several different instructors, which was great because each had a different riding style. All of the instructors were great, and our son really enjoyed the lessons. Looking forward to Spring when we can start back up again.

-Jesse N

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