An all-inclusive cycling program for grades 3-8. Use our equipment to teach your students bike safety in a new and exciting way.

Bike Sports and Safety P.E Program

We are a former elementary school teacher and a veteran cyclist who both share a passion for getting kids active on bikes. We took our extensive knowledge and worked with numerous PE teachers to create an exciting, all-inclusive bike safety and sports program. Our mission is to provide benefit to both the kids and the P.E teacher. Our program is one of a kind and will be a memorable experience for both teachers and students.

We lease out all the equipment for the P.E teacher to teach the program. Everything from the bikes to lessons plans are included. We drop off the equipment, the teacher teaches the program and at the end we pick it all up. P.E teachers are always looking for unique and fun ways to get kids active. BMX and other bike sports are increasing in popularity each year. Our program is the perfect way to get kids excited about physical fitness.

Program Highlights

Exciting Activities

For most kids, this will be the first time over a bike ramp. It's fun and safe for all skill levels.

All Inclusive

We provide everything from the bikes and safety gear to liability waivers and detailed lesson plans.

Satisfies TEKS Requirment

Our program satisfies the TEKS on bike safety for the state of Texas.

Money Back.

We can give back anywhere from 8%-20% to the school's P.E department**!

Bringing In Popular Bike Sports

Mountain Biking

BMX Freestyle

BMX Racing

Track Cycling

We took elements from the most popular bike sports and incorporated them into our program to make it fun and exciting. Bike sports and bike safety go hand in hand. For example, our teeter totter ramp simulates uphill and downhill riding in mountain biking. The teeter ramp strengthens a riders balance better than any traditional bike safety course could. Not only is it practical, its incredibly fun! It is always the favorite of the students.

In BMX racing, road cycling and mountain biking, the cyclists are all very close to each other. Not being able to maintain a straight line will result in a crash. This concept is called straight line control. In our everyday lives, cyclist must also ride in a straight line, when they are on the side of the road, between parked cars and on sidewalks. This concept is relevant in both our daily lives and in bike sports. We teach straight line control in a fun way by using narrow ramps and evenly spaced rope on the ground. If you can ride over a bike ramp, then you can ride a straight line in any condition!

"Life is like riding a bicycle: you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling." - Claude Pepper

Designed For All Skill Levels

Our lesson plans are scaleable so that all students can participate. For example, we have different ramp sizes and ramp types for beginners and advanced riders. The teacher can modify the difficulty of the lesson based on the class.

For students who cant ride a bike at all, we provide balance bikes. Balance bikes are pedal-less bikes where you use your feet to gain speed. These bikes teach the rider how to balance and maintain control safely. The general consensus in the cycling community is that pedal-less bikes are superior to training wheels. Students can even ride over the ramps with a balance bike! This can't be done with training wheels.

What's Included

BMX Bikes

All Protective Gear.

Custom Bike Ramps

All Equipment to Teach The Activities

Liability Waiver For The School.

8-20% of Sales Back to The School**

We Drop off and Pickup Equipment

Balance Bikes For Beginners.

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** Please email for more information on the money back option.