What is your business?

We host monthly group BMX/Bike clinics at a local skatepark in your area. We created the company because there are no nationwide biking programs that can safely teach kids BMX/biking.

We use the term “BMX/biking” because every kid with a bike will have fun at our clinic. It is not an elite clinic for elite BMX students. It is a fun environment for any kid with bike. Both boy and girls come out to our clinics!

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What is a BMX clinic?

At our BMX/bike clinics, we teach bike safety, etiquette and basic BMX tricks. Our clinics range from 3-20 kids. The age range is anywhere from 5-14. All skill levels are welcome.

We usually host a separate clinic for kids aged 5-11 and another one for middle school aged kids. The signup page will advertise which age group the clinic is for.

Will my son/daughter be doing crazy tricks like backflips?

No. unless you want them to! Our instructors will teach skill level appropriate tricks and techniques. Many of our instructors can do back flips but they would never put your child in harms way.

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What do I need to bring to the clinic?

All that we require is a non mountain bike and a protective helmet. Also, a guardian needs to be present to sign our liability waiver.

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How much does the clinic cost?

The price of our clinics vary. Please check your city page for the most current pricing information. We also host numerous FREE clinics throughout the year. In addition,  suggest an optional tip to the instructor.

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Who are the instructors? Are they safe?

All of our instructors are qualified with years of experience. We personally interview EVERY mentor on our site. We screen them for 3 key characteristics.

1) Positivity

2) Teaching experience

3) Technical ability

We only hire instructors who are good around children, have experience and are advanced riders.

We also screen EVERY mentor with the Family Watch Dog database for sex offenders. Safety is important to us.

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Do you rent out bikes?

Not at the moment.

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There are no clinics in my city?

We are constantly expanding to new cities. If you think your city would be perfect for our clinics, send us an email!

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Is BMX dangerous?

This is a common myth. When compared to other sports, BMX is actually very safe. Per 1000 exposures is a good measure of sports injury risk. Boxing is the most dangerous sport with 5.2 injuries per 1000/exposures.

To put this is perspective..

Soccer: 2.4

Basketball: 1.9

Cheerleading: 1.6

BMX: 0.6

VERY safe relative to most mainstream sports! We also require all children to wear safety gear such as helmets!

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Where and when do the lessons take place?

Our clinics are usually on a Saturday from 11-1pm. They will be at a convenient and safe skate park. The times may vary. Check your city page for the most up to date information.

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